Capacity 5


The H125 A-Star B3E Helicopter outclasses all other single-engine helicopters for performance, versatility and reliability while also excelling in hot and high altitude environments. As with the SD2, the H125 has excellent passenger and crew visibility, low cabin vibration and a flat floor that allows for easy mission reconfiguration and loading. The H125 can handle numerous industry aspects from forestry to avalanche control and everything in between. 

Additional Equipment

  • Stretcher / Medevac
  • External Cargo Basket
  • Heli-Torch
  • Float Provisions
  • Vertical Reference Provisions
  • External Load Sling Gear
  • Restraint Harness
  • Full Avionics Suite


Max Gross Weight Intenal 5,225 lbs (2,370 kg) External: 6,173 lbs (2,800 kg)
Avg Cruise Speed 126 mph (202 kph)
Standard Fuel Burn 195 lph
Max Range 320 miles (514 km)