We are extremely proud of the fact that our commitment to safety far exceeds regulatory standards. 

Remote Helicopters is committed to providing exceptional quality and safe, reliable services. The health and safety of our employees, clients and stakeholders is of primary importance in all facets of our operation. To fulfil our health and safety mission statement, we operate within a robust Safety Management System (SMS). Our SMS coordinates all operational activities to systematically, and effectively, identify hazards and manage risk - helping to prevent injuries, eliminate property loss, and reduce costs, while fostering a strong health and safety culture of openness and accountability.

Safety is the foundation on which we conduct our business - both on the ground and in the air.

Our commitment to health & safety excellence is championed by our leadership team, and embraced by our supervisors, team members and clients.

To support our SMS, Remote Helicopters employs several additional industry best practice systems including:

- A web-based, portable electronic device compatible incident and hazard management system, which allows employees and contractors to report and manage health and safety hazards and incidents from virtually anywhere.

- A Flight Data Management program that provides accurate statistics, actionable trending data, and true visual representations of every moment during a flight. 

- A digital workflow platform to facilitate and document our comprehensive flight planning process, including integrated flight risk assessment tools. 

- Satellite-based aircraft tracking with an automated three-tiered alerting system and Iridium text communication allowing dispatchers and clients to monitor the progress of a flight and communicate in real-time.  

Partners in Health, Safety, and the Environment

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