Let Your Dreams Take Off With Flight Training From Remote Helicopters

At Remote Helicopters, we are committed to providing expert and safe flight training for pilots of all skill levels. With decades of experience and thousands of hours of flight time, our team of highly-skilled Training Pilots includes Airline Transport Rated Certified Flight Instructors; Transport Canada Approved Check Pilots, and Pilot Examiners. So whether you want to expand your existing skills or learn new ones, we have the tools and expertise to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our training programs and start your journey toward becoming a skilled helicopter pilot!

With operational and training experience ranging from VFR and IFR, Basic/Advanced NVG, External Loads and Mountain Operations, we have the training professionals to meet your needs. Our structured ground and flight training programs will ensure no detail is missed. Contact us today to see how we can help take your career to the next level.      

Initial and Recurrent

Conducted in accordance with our Transport Canada Approved training syllabus. Initial and recurrent flight and ground training is competency based and can be provided on multiple aircraft types. Type endorsements and/or Pilot Proficiency Checks may be integrated into these courses. 

Mountain Flight Training

Remote Helicopters offers an approved mountain flight training course based on the Best Practices for Mountain Flying adopted by Helicopter Association of Canada. Conducted in the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains, this course can be provided on multiple aircraft types and tailored for initial or recurrent candidates.   (HAC Link?)


Helicopter type ratings are offered for current commercial or private pilots looking to enhance their flight experience with the ability to fly different helicopter types.

The type rating is achieved through the successful completion of:

  • 16 hours of classroom instruction covering aircraft systems, elementary maintenance, normal and emergency procedures, aircraft limitations and performance data.
  • A written aircraft type exam covering the subjects listed above.
  • Multiple training flights and a qualifying flight check with our certified instructor pilots covering all aircraft normal and emergency procedures.
  • Although the minimum flight-time requirements vary with pilot experience and aircraft type, most type ratings can be accomplished with 5-10 hours flight time. Courses can also be customized to include flight operations such as external load and mountain flying.

Night Ratings and Night Vision (NVG/NVIS)

Coming soon!

Specialty Operations

Looking for extra exposure to vertical reference flying or bush operations?  Give us a call and we’ll sit down with you to develop a course that meets your experience and suits your needs.