Aerial Photography, Film and Media

Our crew understand what it takes to get a great shot - the intersection of careful mission planning, ideal weather, and light conditions.

Whether your project involves still photo, electronic news gathering or film, our management team has the experience to secure any required regulatory permissions, our pilots have the experience, training, and skill to safely maneuver the helicopter for the perfect shot and our maintenance team have the experience to install and support commonly used camera mounts.   

Aerial Construction

From single lifts in highly congested areas to large rooftop multi-lift industrial projects, our pilots and management team are experienced in developing lift plans, securing permitting and providing onsite logistics support to complex missions.

With an external load lifting range up to 4,000 lbs., flight crew skilled in precision vertical reference flying let us do your heavy lifting. 

Avalanche Control

Avalanche control is critical to reducing the hazards avalanches pose to people and property. Careful mission planning and crew coordination are essential to the success of any avalanche control mission. With robust standard operating procedures and experienced, well-trained crew, Remote Helicopters can provide the tools needed for a safe and successful mission.

Aerial Seeding

Aerial seeding is an ideal choice for getting cover crops seeded when time is of the essence, or when ground conditions are less than ideal for equipment, like when soil is wet. Aerial seeding still provides the same flexibility as other methods for planting cover crop mixes, as the method can be used to seed multiple cover crop species at once.

Executive Charter

Whether avoiding the headaches of traffic, maximizing productivity, or minimizing travel time, our team can provide you with customized private, professional, safe transportation. Our exceptional customer service will look after every detail and provide you with the peace of mind you’re looking for.