Aerial Firefighting - Remote Helicopters

As Igor Sikorsky once said,

"If you are in trouble anywhere in the world, an airplane can fly over and drop flowers, but a helicopter can land and save your life."

We know challenging terrain – we have operated all over North America in all seasons and our aircraft and crew are always mission ready. For the team at Remote Helicopters, being able to provide access to the inaccessible, getting emergency supplies, equipment and personnel to the precise location it is needed when time is critical, is a privilege. At Remote, we combined a highly experienced crew with the best Aerial Firefighting Helicopters for the job. 

Aerial Medevac Services

24-hour Standby Medevac Services To Any Remote Location

With the ability to maintain dedicated aircraft with mission-optimized airframes and equipment for emergency medical evacuations, we maintain partnerships with medical service providers in each of our base locations. We can also provide 24-hour standby aerial medevac services to any remote location. If you need emergency support, we have you covered. Further equipment modifications are available for specific customer needs.

Aerial Rescue (Class D Certified)

To further support natural disaster and emergency relief support, Remote Helicopters is certified for Class D external load rescue operations.

These types of operations include rappelling, hoisting and the use of an emergency flight rescue system.

Rappelling (or abseiling) refers to wearing a harness attached to a friction device and sliding down a rope to exit a helicopter.  Multiple forest and rescue agency clients use this as a method to deliver mission-critical personnel into difficult-to-access locations. 

The purpose of the hoist is to provide aerial work crew members with a means of emergency extraction when working in otherwise inaccessible areas. These operations may include search and rescue (SAR) and emergency medical extraction operations. Hoisting may also be used for deploying/extracting equipment and personnel.

The helicopter Emergency Flight Rescue System (EFRS) or Helicopter External Transport System (HETS) is a helicopter-based insertion and extraction tool utilized in firefighting, law enforcement and search and rescue operations. The system involves long-lining human external cargo (HEC) over a short distance when moving specialized crew in and out of otherwise inaccessible areas.

Disaster Relief

Our Fleet Of Single And Multi-engine Helicopters Can Be Equipped With Stretchers, Emergency Or Fixed-float Landing Gear

Whether providing timely evacuation support, aerial surveillance, search and rescue or delivering rescue personnel and supplies, our diverse fleet and experienced crew are ready at a moment’s notice. Our fleet of single and multi-engine helicopters can be equipped with stretchers, emergency or fixed-float landing gear, and thermal imaging cameras and come complete with ground support vehicles allowing our experienced crew to be self-sufficient.