Capacity 14


A twin-engine medium category helicopter, the Bell 212 helicopter can carry up to 14 passengers dependent on the interior configuration during both day and night operations. Equipped with upgrades including the BLR Fast Fin and tail boom Strake kit for enhanced performance, the 212 helicopter is capable of operating anywhere at any time. With the same flat interior floor and multiple interior configurations this machine is the perfect platform no matter how high the demands or how large the task. 

Additional Equipment

  • Stretcher / Medevac
  • Sliding Doors
  • Vertical Reference Provisions
  • External Load Sling Gear
  • Water Buckets
  • Foam Injection System
  • Full Avionics Suite


Max Gross Weight Internal 11,200 lbs (5,080 kg) External 11,200 lbs (5,080 kg)
Avg Cruise Speed 110 mph (177 kph)
Standard Fuel Burn 370 lph
Max Range 199 miles (320 km)