Capacity 4


The Bell Jet Ranger III is a single-engine light turbine powered helicopter capable of carrying 4 passengers. Commonly referred to as "the safest single-engine helicopter in the world", the Jet Ranger can work in virtually any topography, operating condition and climate.

Additional Equipment

  • Stretcher / Medevac
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Laser Emissions Detection
  • External Cargo Basket
  • Aerial Mapping and Lidar
  • Longline and 5 Point Carousel
  • Water Buckets
  • Full Avionics Suite
  • Restraint Harness for Videos, Fish Stocking, etc.


Max Gross Weight Internal: 3,250 lbs (1,474 kg) External: 3,350 lbs (1,519 kg)
Avg Cruise Speed 115 mph (185 kph)
Standard Fuel Burn 114 lph
Max Range 316 miles (608 km)