Capacity 5


The Airbus A-Star AS350 Helicopter is an intermediate class machine capable of carrying up to 5 passengers. With superior hover performance, control ability and improved fuel economy over a standard B2, the SD2 is the most efficient utility helicopter in its class. The versatility and overall capability of this aircraft makes it the ideal helicopter for almost any mission.

Additional Equipment

  • Stretcher / Medevac
  • External Cargo Basket
  • Heli-Torch
  • Float Provisions
  • Sliding Doors
  • Vertical Reference Provisions
  • Foam Injection System
  • External Load Sling Gear
  • Restraint Harness for Videos, Fish Stocking, etc.


Max Gross Weight Internal: 4,961 lbs (2,250 kg) External: 5,512 lbs (2,495 kgs)
Avg Cruise Speed 130 mph (209 kph)
Standard Fuel Burn 175 lph
Max Range 378 miles (608 km)