Remote Helicopters is always looking forward to the future! We would like to announce some crew changes.

Robert Gall has taken over the reins as chief pilot. Robert began his career here in 2002, and has grown as a pilot and a leader and has gained the respect of the staff and the industry. We look forward to his leadership and fresh approach.

We would also like to thank Kevin Hickling for his years of service; he has been the chief pilot here for 12 years. He recently purchased a home in BC and looks forward to slowing down and spending some time with his wife Joanne. Kevin will still be here, he will be our training pilot as well as being just one of the boys!

Remote Helicopters provides air charter services nationwide with international experience and knowledge.

For all your helicopter charter requirements, Remote Helicopters is your charter specialist.

There is much to consider when choosing the right charter helicopter. Options vary widely in terms of performance, comfort and cost. We will endeavour to provide as much valuable information as possible to steer you towards the right machine for the job. To assist, our dedicated operations personnel will advise you in the right choice; the more we know about your project, the better we can advise. Your individual and project needs, your safety, and ultimately your complete satisfaction is the focus of each and every aircraft, pilot, engineer and support team member. Our commitment to you begins long before takeoff and continues long after landing.

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