Beyond the plans, reports, inspections, and meetings, our safety program is best reflected in our attitude. It is an attitude that your safe and effective charter is our number one concern.

When you 'fly with us' you are family and we never cut corners when it comes to our family's safety. Safety is how we do business!

Our company safety management system is called the SMS Program. This system allows us to improve our practical support to operators engaged in air support, aerial work, flight training, fleet maintenance and special flight operations. The SMS program assists in improving our safety daily through pro-active management. Our staff, customers, and contractors benefit from this positive approach.

The safety management program aims to continually improve the safety of Remote Helicopters Ltd. operations by identifying, eliminating or mitigating any deficiencies in conditions, policies and procedures. Along with ensuring that all employees and management consider at all times, the safety implications of their own actions, and those of their colleagues.

Remote Helicopters Ltd. intends to prevent incidents and accidents, eliminate damage to equipment and injury to personnel. We focus on commitment to service and safety and have a strong corporate allegiance to the community. Remote Helicopters will:
  • provide a safe, healthy work environment for all personnel
  • prevent/reduce aircraft accidents and incidents
  • incorporate awareness, compliance, inspection, investigation and education by providing programs delivered to employees
  • reduce insurance costs
  • identify and eliminate hazardous conditions
  • ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  • investigate hazardous events
  • review, with safety in mind, all proposed new equipment acquisitions, facilities, operations and procedures

Operational safety will be administered on a continual basis, with references to operational hazards and incidents reports as well as safety issues discussed at the monthly meeting of the safety committee.

A company internal audit will be carried out every six months and an independent operational audit every year. Remote Helicopters Ltd. will also utilize a two-tiered quality assurance system. The first level of quality assurance will be administered on a continual basis. The second level will occur during annual checks.

Safe flight operations are Remote Helicopters' most important commitment. To ensure that commitment, it is imperative that we have uninhibited reporting of all hazards, incidents and occurrences that compromise the safety of our operations.
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