Maximum Gross Weight Internal 10,200 lbs
(4,626 kgs)
External 10,500 lbs
(4,762 kgs)
Average Cruise Speed 110 mph (177 kph)
Standard Fuel 233 gph (360 lph)
Maximum Range 250 miles (402 km)
Capacity 14 Passengers (plus pilot)
*Loads may vary depending on conditions and fuel required.

  • GPS Navigation System
  • ProgrammableVHF(FM)  
  • Bambi Max Variable Drop Bucket (350 gal drop)
  • Bubble Windows
  • Full External Sling Gear Longline and 5-point Carousel
  • Isolair External Tanks (320 gal drop) With Foam Injection System
  • Full Intercom

  • They are equipped with a 212 rotor system and a dash 17 engine for increased horsepower. This makes them perfectly suited for drill moves or slinging cargo. They also have optional water bombing tanks which can hold 320 gallons of water, and are able to do effective multiple drops or single drops, with foam or retardant capabilities.

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